How To Withdraw Adsense Earnings Step by Step Guide 2018

How to Withdraw earning from Google Adsense. Receive Payment From Google Adsense. No doubt this Google AdSense FAQ has caused unrest among AdSense publishers like you. From this tutorial, you should be able to know what to do to withdraw your hard earned AdSense money. Here are all the steps you have to take to receive your AdSense earnings. They are only five steps.

How To Withdraw Adsense Earnings Guide 2018

Here for withdrawing money I consider you have an active adsense account with payment threshold of 100$ . Note that the minimum payment threshold is 100$ , you can set it greater than 100$ also. So, Follow the step by step now.

Step 1: Check Your Address

Payment and Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), checks and western union are made out to the payee’s name. Exactly the same name you use for your AdSense account. The payment and PINs will also be mailed to the address you entered for AdSense. So get your address and name correct. Maybe this is why most people don’t get their money from AdSense.

Step 2: Provide Tax Information

Tax information is not required in all locations. But if AdSense requires you to provide a tax information in your country, on your AdSense account, just go to Account settings page > Then on the payment settings section, click on “Edit” link and AdSense wizard will take you through the steps.

Step 3: Select Payment Method

Do this on the account settings page by going to Payment settings > click “Edit Payment settings” > Then “Edit payment settings”.

Step 4: Verify Your Address And Phone Number

Your PIN will be mailed after you have reached the verification threshold (explained below) to your address you checked in in step 1. This PIN will be sent to you by standard post and will arrive in 2-4 weeks depending on your location. Then enter this PIN into your AdSense account before any money is sent to you.
Also, depending on your country, AdSense may also ask you to verify your phone number. At your agreed time, AdSense will call you. Then you will be required to dial in a verification number that appears in your AdSense account.

Step 5: Payment

After reaching the payment threshold (as described below), before the fifteenth (15) day of any month, AdSense will send your money to you on your preferred payment method. However, if you do not meet the threshold and deadline date (15th), your earnings will be rolled over to the next month until the day you achieve this.

AdSense Payment Methods

The following are the methods that AdSense uses to send you your money. Kindly, choose the one that suits you best depending on your country/location. Note that the time it takes to receive this money is enclosed in the curly brackets.

1. Standard delivery checks – {takes 1-2 weeks in USA, 2-6 weeks outside USA}
2. Secure Delivery Checks – {takes 5-7 days}
3. EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) – {takes 4-10 days to arrive in your bank account}
4. WUQC (Western Union Quick Cash) – {Available for pickup at a local agent, a day after they are issued}
NOTE: For persons living in countries like Uganda, you will be asked a test question before picking up your WUQC payment.
5. Rapida Payments– {Available for pickup at a local post branch, 2 business days after the issue}
Also NOTE: If you do not get your money in 60 days after they were sent, you can request a reissue.

AdSense Thresholds

The following are some of the AdSense thresholds to be met before taking different steps for receiving your AdSense money. Note the different currencies. The US dollar is more efficient and preferred.

1. Tax Information Submission Threshold
To submit your tax information (for US residents only), your earnings must reach $10 and above.

2. Payment Method Selection Threshold
To select your payment method, your earnings must reach a minimum of $10 or its other accepted currency equivalence.

3. Verification Threshold
To verify your address or phone, your earnings must reach a minimum of $10 or its other accepted currency equivalence.

4. Payment Threshold
The payment method is a minimum of $100 or its other accepted currency equivalence.

5. Cancellation Threshold
This is only if you are tired of making money with AdSense, and you want to cancel your account. If you want your earnings, then you must have reached the threshold like in the payment selection threshold above ($10 or its other accepted currency equivalence).

Hope you carefully more information follow my website “How To Withdraw Adsense Earnings”.

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