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Propeller ads Review

Propeller ads Review This is a Propeller ads review. Founded back in the year 2011, the company aimed to provide a digital advertising platform to publishers and advertisers alike which is reliable, effective, cheap and reliable. All of these are qualities which are enshrined in a successful ad network. So far Propeller ads are well on course to fulfilling most ... Read More » Review

This piece will provide a review. The ad network is one of the fastest growing ad networks on the world. The network has continued to grow for a number of years. The ad network is founded by Divyank Turakhia who is known as a willing entrepreneur who continues to invest in internet base startups. With offices spread out across ... Read More »

Revcontent Ads Review

Revcontent Review Revcontent is a Sarasota, Fla.-based company that was founded by in 2013 and has offices in across Florida, California, New York, and the UK. Revcontent’s goal is to create the ability for brands to connect with consumers on a personal level, and to provide the best possible experience for consumers, media companies, and brands alike. Here are some ... Read More »

Top Highest Paying Adsense Countries List 2017

List of highest paying adsense countries 2017: Want to know what are the top Google adsense highest paying country so that you can make money from your blog. If you are planning to start a website and choose topics related to those adsense high paying countries, then you will definitely make good money. Before starting, you should know that adsense ... Read More »

Best Google Adsense Approval Tips for Blogger in 2017

Best Google Adsense Approval Tips: Hello everyone, how is going on? Do you have any high traffic website and looking for some best adsense site? If yes then you should go for Google adsense! Yes my friends, Google adsense is the best place to monetize your content. But it is not easy to get adsense. You have to follow some ... Read More »

AdSense Tips For Use Higher Performing 336×280 Ad Units

If an advertiser is willing to pay more for a 300×250 ad, then it’ll be served neatly along the top of the ad space. WHERE YOU ARE You currently have 300×250 ad units on your pages that are earning an average revenue per 1000 impressions (RPM) of $0.06 USD. WHERE YOU COULD BE You can increase demand for your inventory by ... Read More »

Easy Tips in Converting your iPhone or Android into a Projector

Your Android or iPhone can become an instant movie projector! Learn the different tricks to convert iPhone into projector. This is easy to achieve with the use of ordinary household items. Would you believe that the mobile phone projector is a cost-effective way of watching movies right in the comfort of your bedroom or living space. One only has to ... Read More »

Google reaches settlement with Russia in Android antitrust case

Google has reached an out-of-court settlement with the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) relating to a dispute involving its Android mobile operating system. The complaint, originally filed a few years back by Russian search engine provider Yandex, accused Google of abusing its dominance in the marketplace by requiring that certain apps be pre-loaded on Android devices sold in Russia. Google ... Read More »

Google has been quietly working on a new service that manages job applications for recruiters

It seems Google is adding yet another string to its already very packed bow. The company has quietly launched a new job advertising service that manages applications for recruiters. The platform has been named “Google Hire,” naturally. It appears that the service was developed by Bebop, the startup created by VMware co-founder and former chief executive Diane Greene that Google ... Read More »