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How to find high paying keywords for Google AdSense

One of the most important step in increasing the cost-per-click for your AdSense ads is to target for the high paying keywords. This is because Google AdSense works by advertisers bidding on keywords on Google AdWords programs, where not all keywords get bid the same. To put it simply, the popular keywords get high bids, and the less popular keywords ... Read More »

Google AdSense Account Approval Process & Tips – 2017

Update Tips: This post has been updated by me in January 2017 with the new google AdSense account approval process. It’s pointless to note again that Adsense is one of the best contextual advertising networks. I’ve added some other secrets that will help all of you. Until now, Adsense approval process was simple: You create a new Adsense account, your ... Read More »

Google Adsense Earning Tricks for 2017

Google Adsense Earning Tricks: If you have Google adsense it is your luck i think. Who have got Google adsense, all of them make money by writing high quality article. Google adsense is the safe way to share advertise on your blog pages. Adsense is the leading CPC advertising network which helps the blogger to make many from their blos ... Read More »

Monetizing a Site Through AdSense

google adsense

There is a lot of misconception about Google AdSense; many marketers see it as one of the most rudimentary ways to monetize your site. As such many markets prefer to build affiliate sites, spend an age writing sales driven content, building email lists to try and sell on the back end, but the most important aspect of getting the sale ... Read More »