10 Best Sites For Free Computer Program Classes

10 Best Sites For Free Computer Program Classes: Programming used to be about learning to make a program, but now it’s all there. Data science, machine learning, web development, operations, system administration.

We will look at the best computer programming classes and courses you can find online for free. Computer program course sites are of no particular order. They are all great.

Deciding which one is the best should not be done to us. You need to decide what is best for your career goals or hobbyist. All of them have at least one of the best languages in the program to learn today. We’ll start with the ones you haven’t heard much and added the more popular ones eventually.


If you go in the direction of data science, Kaggle has a series of micro-courses that you will enjoy with all that leads to making you a data scientist. There are a series of 14 classes, each about 5 to 10 lessons long. The best part, besides being free, is that you don’t have to install any software.

All your programming and testing is done right inside a Kaggle Notebook. What better way to learn Python, SQL, Machine Learning and other data science skills?

Image: Kaggle

Stanford University

Attending Stanford University is not free but their Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE) courses are. Published under a Creative Commons license, the SEE material is free and open for reuse. Check the CC license for details.

Computer programming classes are done in university style and are quite in-depth. If you are considering pursuing a degree in Computer Science but are not sure if this is for you, taking these courses will be considered.

Image: Stanford University

Dash by General Assembly

General Assembly is an online learning service with almost paid courses. But a course is predominantly featured and completely free. Dash is a full course to get you started on web development.

The learning path is done project style using slideshows and Q&A forums. As you progress, you unlock skills as a reward, such as using video games. There are 5 projects and 1 sided projects that will help you unlock 82 different web development skills.

While you may not get a higher-paying job as a web developer, you will begin as a hobbyist so you can build earning skills through more formal training.


If your learning style works well with lots of reading, StudyTonight is a great choice. No matter what language you want to learn, there is probably a course here. Courses and tutorials are heavy on text and thorough. Pretty academic though.

Computer programming classes often go into the history of a language or technology as far as putting together versions of them. However, StudyTonight has a separate YouTube channel. You can learn to program with StudyTonight, but it may work best for people looking for resources in addition to their formal study. It is ad-supported and can be disruptive.


JavaTPoint is in a similar vein to StudyTonight. There is a mountain of courses available in dozens of technologies and languages. There’s programming, DevOps, drafting, AI, blockchain, data mining, soft skills for technologists, and more.

The courses are well organized, but they are also an ad-supported platform. Ads are definitely distracting because many of them are animated. There are browser-based IDEs and even browser-based browsers. But if you can’t find a free course on something, you’ll probably find it.


Mozilla is the organization that brings us Firefox and other technologies to the web. They have integrated developer.mozilla.org to help people become web developers or add additional skills. Or Mozilla puts it, “Resources for developers, by developers.”

This is a neat, easy-to-read site that will take you from your very first HTML tag to the front-end and web development. Because it’s Mozilla, you get their unique understanding of why things should be done in a certain way.


Probably the grandmother of all online web development courses, w3school is also said to be the world’s largest web developer. You may find it difficult to find a web developer who is not learning it.

Nor is it limited to web development alone. You can learn about server-side technologies, classic programming languages like C ++, and how to build with Raspberry Pi. The site is clean, there are many browser-based resources and any level can benefit. The ad supports it, but the ads aren’t as annoying as some of the other sites.

image: w3school


No, we’re not saying just go search Google for things. Google, like Mozilla, has a vested interest in training new developers and enhancing the skills of existing programmers. Unlike Mozilla, Google’s interests range and go from web development to AI and everything in between.

image: Google

There are a number of places within the Google ecosystem where we can find out anything. There’s Google Digital Garage, Google for Education, Google Developers, Android Developers, and maybe many more that we missed. Go to Google and look around. If you want to know something, they probably have a computer programming class here.


If we list Google, we will list Microsoft. Like Google, there are many different places at Microsoft university to find their free training. The best place to start is Microsoft Studies.

The Microsoft Learn platform addresses everything from programming to administration systems to Office applications. So it can be a bit difficult to find what you are looking for, but maybe there. Learning is enhanced by providing XP (experience points) and virtual badges and trophies.

These are displayed on your Microsoft profile and can be shared through social media as a testament to the skills you have learned. Also, check out Microsoft’s Channel 9.

Get Study!

So many free opportunities, go your own way, don’t pay a little, and even get human support! There is absolutely nothing stopping you from becoming a programmer or taking your coding game to the next level.

Check out what site hits your fancy and if you find some that we don’t want to hear about. Let us know if you’ve completed courses from any of these sites and what you thought about them.

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