How to Arrange a Birthday Party Paragraph

P: How to Celebrate a Birthday Paragraph :

A birthday is a very happy and joyful day in our life. It is a great source of joy and recreation. So everyman should know how to arrange a birthday party properly. In order to arrange a birthday party, he has to do certain things wisely. At first, he should make a list of his guests and invite them in time. He should also make a menu with the help of his parents and elders. Then, he has to decorate the house beautifully. He has to arrange the birthday cake. On the day he has to put on his new dress and welcome the guests cordially. Next, he has to collect necessary candles. After the arrival of the guests, he has to put the cake on the table and also put the candles around the cake. He has to light the candles. Finally, he has to cut the cake with a knife and everybody will say “Happy birthday to you” In this way, anyone can arrange a birth day party.

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