How to keep your House Clean Paragraph

Cleaning a house is a good habit of a man’s life. It is an important part of education. It is a great source of sound mind and sound health. It always keeps our mind cheerful and happy. So, every man should know how to keep a house neat and clean well. But it is very easy and interesting. In order to keep a house neat and clean, he should do certain things. At first, every morning and every evening he must sweep the floor and the ground well. He must clean the dusts and the spider-nets from the roof and the corners of the house. Then, every week he should pull out the weeds around the house. Besides, He should clean the dust on the chair, the table, the book self and all other furniture of the house. Next, he should re-arrange them in order. Finally, he must wash his hands and face well with a piece of soap. In this way, anyone can keep his house neat and clean.

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