How to Open a Bank Account Paragraph

To-day most people have an account with any bank. So, everyman should know how to open a bank account with any bank. But opening a bank account is very simple and easy. In order to open a bank account, he has to do certain hings. At first, he has to go to the nearest bank and he will see the manager. The manager will give him an application form and necessary information. Then, he has to fill up the form and attach two-passport size photographs. He has to find an account holder of this bank. The account holder has to attest the two photographs. Besides, he has to write his address and account number in the form. Next, the applicant has to put his specimen signature on the signature card. After that, he has to deposit some money with his account. Finally, he will get a pass book. In this way, anyone can easily open any account with any bank.

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