How to Open a School-Shop Paragraph

A school-shop is an important part of a school. So, almost every big school has a shop. In order to open a school-shop students should do certain things. At first they should talk to one another. They should also talk to the class teachers and the Headmaster. Then, they should form a committee. The committee should choose a suitable room for a shop. The room should be well-lighted. The committee has to buy all necessary furniture. The shop should sell all necessary articles like pencils, pens, chalks, papers, note books and all other necessary articles. The shop also should sell bread, biscuits, cakes, fruits and cold drinks. Some groups should be formed among the students to work in the shop. The groups have to work by turns. The shop can earn a good profit by selling them. In this way, the students of any school can open a school shop.

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