How To Treat Your Laptop Battery 2019

For laptop users, the battery is a device that is very important because a long Laptop battery life is very necessary especially if we want to bring a laptop and travel frequently do not use the electric current, of course laptop battery life that we use is needed so the laptop can last a long life.

Treat Your Laptop Battery

Often we find the laptop battery that is used by a lot of people can not last long, even when used without being connected to the electric current alias only use the battery only, what happens is that the battery can only last less than half an hour or even less than 10 minutes, for that we need to take care of the laptop battery that we use in order to have a long durability.

Laptop Battery

To maintain and care for laptop batteries so durable and long lasting below will be given some tips.

1. Charge The Battery

For each new laptop is advisable to charge the battery for about 4-8 hours. The point is to make the battery voltage reaches floating battery.Because when we buy a laptop, we do not know for sure how long the laptop was stored.

2. Battery Control

Many people think that installing the adapter or perform when using the laptop charger can make the battery becomes swollen or soak, the assumption was wrong because the computer system has been equipped with features Battery Control  so that when the battery is fully charged it will automatically laptop battery will not be fill again.

With the features of the battery control when your battery is in full condition, then the laptop will divert the use of power using electric power or no longer use the battery. So in this case is very rare to find a battery that is bulging.

3. Never Let Your Laptop Batter To Go Down

Many laptop users who feel responsible for their laptops over charger may be due to many factors, both of which are the responsibility of writing, playing games, and others. As a result the laptop will run out of power and die.

Actually, this will cause a lot of effects that are less well to the battery (Cycle Count), so it is advisable to immediately make a charger when the battery is in a position to or less than 15%.

4. Never Use Direct Electric Power

Most laptop users will be fearful when using the battery charger while doing will adversely affect the battery, of course, the assumption is wrong because it uses electric power directly without installing the battery on a laptop is extremely potential.

Because if suddenly your home electric current to die then so can be a very bad impact on your laptop, it is definitely on your laptop during a power failure will die without a warning, this can obviously cause damage to the laptop components such as hard drive, operating system and other components.

5. Turn Off Heavy Applications

It is recommended to you to not open the heavy applications or use excessive resources especially if your laptop has been in a position less battery power like the power of less than 5% and so on.

6. Reduce Heating

If you’re using a laptop, try to find the base or footing that allows absorb air like a laptop cooler or fan. Because if air circulation is not going well, the laptop will generate excess heat which is certainly not good for your battery.

7. Use Power Paln

Perform the settings of your computer system so that the power consumption of the battery can be run efficiently as by activating the Power Saver  thus of course will extend the life of your battery life.


Similarly, review How to Treat Your Laptop Battery to know that we use the laptop battery can last longer, It would really help you to use the laptop absence of electric current.I hope the article How to Treat Your Laptop Battery help you to come out with a solution to treat your laptop battery.Keep on sharing with your friends. Don’t hesitate to comment below. Start Treating Your Laptop..!

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