Labor Day 1 May 2020: Workers prepare, preparations to return home begin

Labor Day 1 May 2020: On Labor Day, there is good news for workers trapped here and there for locking. Many state governments, including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Telangana, Punjab, Kerala, have begun the process of leaving their workers trapped throughout the state. These states have appealed to the central government to help bring these workers through the operation of special trains. Because there are many problems and risks in getting buses. They said it was not possible to safely or systematically return people back by driving the bus. On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh has begun organizing buses to transport people from neighboring states.

That’s why states insist on running trains

Due to physical travel, only 20 people can board a bus, thousands of buses have to make multiple trips. Toilets and other special repairs need to be done on the routes to run as many buses as possible. It is difficult to keep track of who gets in the way, where they go, the risk of infection increases.

This is how a special train can talk to you

A large number of people can ride a train, long distance travel will also be safe and comfortable.

There are no other repairs such as stays, climbing and bathrooms

The train will run from a station and will stop at the destination station, it will control passengers

10 lakhs registered in Rajasthan

About 10 lakh people have registered with the Rajasthan government to visit their states. For the convenience of these people, Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot has also been warned to operate long-distance trains.

The UP government is preparing a plan of action by talking to the states

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has appealed to the people of Uttar Pradesh living in various states of the country not to travel on foot. The UP government is preparing a plan of action after talking with state governments for the safe return of all. Chief Secretary RK Tiwari said that currently, arrangements have been made to bring everyone on the buses. If the central government made any other arrangement for long distances then they would use it.

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