Mixed May bank holiday season – Met Éireann

After an initial wet start, while most areas will remain dry during the May bank weekend, some rain may rise in southern counties in the coming days, according to the Met Éireann.

Conditions will be mild in the sun, especially in the midlands and west, the national meteorological office said.

Turns out this morning, and the forecaster notes that it’s pretty cool and sunny today, Friday, May 1st.

Showers are most severe and often north and northwest, combining with longer rain spells here with the risk of ice and thunder.

There will also be sunny spells, the best of them early in the day; with the best and most favorable conditions prevailing in the southern counties.

The highest temperatures range from 9 ° and 13 ° to moderate to northwest to northwest.

Showers will be confined to north and northwest counties by early tonight.

Generally, it is dry with long clear spells and only northwest. Expect a chilly night with minimum temperatures ranging from 1 ° to 5 °, chilled throughout Munster with some possible herb grass here.

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It will be dry tomorrow, besides passing showers for the north coast, says Met Éireann.

The sun starts and ends, but it will be cloudier in the afternoon. It feels a little milder than the previous days with maximum temperatures ranging from 11 ° to 15 °, lightest throughout the midland south and east.

Tomorrow night will be a deep night with clear spells and light easterly breeze. Some frost is possible, along with monster patches.

The lowest temperatures range from 2 ° to 5 °, the meteorological office notes.


For Sunday, current indications suggest most places should remain dry with sunny spells and light breeze variables.

The highest temperatures range from 12 ° to 17 °, lightening throughout the midlands and west.

It will be energetic after dark with minimum temperatures from 2 ° to 6 °.

On Monday, most areas are expected to remain dry with sunny and light easterly breezes, according to Met Éireann.

Maximum temperatures are between 12 ° and 17 ° or 18 °, with mild conditions throughout the west and southwest owing to an easterly flow.

After dark, the lowest temperatures range from 4 ° to 8 °, in a moderate southeast breeze.

The frontal cloud and rain could move far southwest later at night, says Met Éireann.

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