My family Paragraph

Ours is a small family. It consists of four members. I am the first child of my family. I am 13. I am kamal. I read in class eight in Ashugonj Sarkarkhana School & College. I go to school regularly. I learn my lessons in time. I am very fond of football and cricket. Md. Iqbal Hossain is my father. He is an ideal teacher. He has a good command over both English and Bengali. His voice is very sweet and clear. He loves his students very dearly. He is very kind, honest and friendly. He is fond of reading newspapers. Mrs.Iqbal is my mother. She is an ideal house-wife. She looks after the family. She is very fond of gardening. Saima Sultana is my younger sister. She reads in class five. She likes drawing pictures very much. We all are very happy in the family. I am very proud of our family. Really, ours is an ideal family in the village.

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