My Favourite Friend Paragraph

Write a paragraph on ‘Your Favourite Friend’ Or. “Your Best Friend’ by answering the
following questions:-
a. Who is your favourite friend?
b. How old is your best friend?
c. What are his qualities?
d. What is his favourite hobby?
e. Who are his/ her parents?
f. How does he/she help you?

My Favourite Friend Paragraph :

A good friend is a great guide and a good well-wisher I have some good friends. Among them Kabir is my best friend. He is 13. He is a student of class eight. He is a meritorious student. He reads (studies) in Laksam Pilot High School. He never puts off to-day’s lessons for tomorrow. He always makes better results in exams. He bears a good moral character. He always abides by discipline of his school as well his house. He is very polite. gentle, modest. regular, punctual and truthful. He always helps the weak students of the class. He is always cheerful and friendly. He is never rude to anyone. He has a great respect for i elders, parents and teachers. He loves his younger ones very dearly and deeply. Though he comes of an educated.Muslim family, he has no pride. He is very fond of playing football and cricket. Fishing in the lake is his favourite hobby. Mr. Shahadat Hossain is his father who is the Headmaster of a High School. Mrs. Mukta Akther is his mother who is also a teacher of a school. I am very lucky to have such an ideal friend. A life can’t be successful without good friends.

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