My favourite poet Paragraph

My favourite poet is Kazi Nazrul Islam. He comes of a noble family at Churulia in West Bengal in India, 1899. Kazi Fakir Ahmed is his father and Zulekha Khatun is his mother. He is our national poet. He is also called the rebel poet. He started writing poems and songs from his early life. He joined the First World War and soon he became a Habilder. But he did not stop his writings there. He wrote against injustice. He was sent to jail for writing rebellious poems. His famous writings are Bidrohi, Agnibina, Rikter Badon, ‘Bulbul’, Dolan Chapa, ‘Dhumketo’, Badhon Hara, and so on. His writings wonderfully inspire us to protest against any injustice and unlawful activity He is also regarded as a true and real patriot. He passed away in Dhaka in August 29, 1976. He was buried University mosque beside Dhaka. Really, we are proud of our national poet.

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