My Mother Paragraph

Jahanara Begum is my mother. She is comes of a noble family. She is 50. She is a B.A. B.Ed.,. She is an ideal teacher of a primary school. She is very kind, honest, dutiful and hard- working. She is very helpful and truthful too. She is always cheerful and friendly. She loves her students very much. Her voice is very clear and sweet. She teaches me Bengali and English at home. She is very fond of gardening and reading books. Kazi Nazrul Islam is her most favourite poet. Her favorite flower is. the rose. He loves to enjoy football and cricket on.. television. She always puts on simple sarees. All are equal to her. She has no pride. All love my mother very much. She loves me very dearly and deeply. She is my good teacher, good guide and good friend. Really, I am proud of my mother.

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