My Parents Paragraph

Father and mother are known as parents. I come of a noble family. Khandaker Mohammed Selim is my father. He comes of a noble family in an old village Khariala in Ashugonj. He is about 55 years old. He is a B.A B.Ed. M.A. in English. He is a popular English teacher. He is very pious, kind, honest, hard working and truthful. He is always very friendly. His voice is very clear and sweet. He is very fond of reading books and newspapers. Jashim Uddin is his most favourite poet. Mrs Khandaker Shuhera Khatun is my. mother. She is about 44. She is an ideal house-wife. She is also very kind and hard- working. She always puts on simple sarees. All are equal to my parents. They have no pride. All love and respect them very much. They are my good friends, good guides and good teachers. Really, I am proud of my ideal parents.

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