My Pen-Friend Paragraph

A pen-friend is a good companion of a man’s life. I am very happy that I have many good pen- friends of different countries of the world. Of them, Robina is my best pen-friend. She is from Japan. She is 13 years old. She is a school-going student. She is a bright student in her school. She has one brother and one sister. Her father is a famous writer and her mother is an ideal teacher. They live together in the capital city of Japan. She has a very good moral character. She is very polite, modest, gentle, hard-working and truthful. She is always friendly and She is very fond of fishing and gardening. She helps her parents on holidays. She often sends me nice pictures and interesting magazines. Really, I am proud of my pen-friend. A life can be happy with a good pen-friend. So, everyone should have pen-friends.

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