The Importance of Vocational Education Paragraph

Vocational education means learning practically. It is true that no learning is perfect or complete without practical knowledge Every year in our country hundreds of students are obtaining higher degrees. But most of them don’t have any practical learning or knowledge needed for real life. They are unproductive and non-skilled. They are unfit for any suitable job. As a result, the unemployment problem is getting acute in our country day by day. So, the necessity of vocational education is a must in Bangladesh. To-day is the age of vocational and technical education. Almost all jobs are mechanical and electrical. So, a good number of jobs depend on vocational education or vocational knowledge. At present our agricultural is almost mechanical and electrical. At present many boys, girls and women are getting vocational training from vocational training centers or schools. After getting vocational training, many ill-fated women have already changed their wheel of lot. For example Rona Begum, Rumi Akther Rina and Shamima have changed their poor condition after receiving proper vocational training from vocational training centers. So, vocational or technical knowledge plays a vital role in solving unemployment problem as well as removing poverty from society.

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