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Let me start by welcoming you to the article about Afterpay. Dear readers, we are glad to have you. Our website helps you by providing various types of information. Through today’s discussion, we will help you by informing you in detail about the Afterpay customer service-related issues. We all know about this company which was established in 2014. This company is primarily an Australian financial technology company. It has become very popular for its Buy Now Later service. At present, the number of users of Afterpay is very high. Many people are looking for a customer service number to receive customer service from Afterpay, we will help them by informing them about the way to receive customer service. We will inform about customer service number email and other sub-topics through our article

So those of you who use Afterpay, if you have any kind of problem with payment or other issues, you can directly contact customer service and get a solution. In this case, the customer service number is very important. So you can collect your required information through our website, we will definitely help you by informing you about the Afterpay customer service number.

Afterpay Customer Service Number

Many people face various problems related to Afterpay and look for customer service numbers to receive Afterpay customer service. We have taken the intention to cooperate by providing their customer service number. From our article, you can learn about several other things related to Afterpay including customer service numbers. Below is the information you searched for:

Toll-Free Number:

  • (855) 289-6014

Afterpay Merchant Customer Service

We are working with the objective of providing support to people who search online with the intention of knowing about Afterpay Merchant Customer Service-related issues. Afterpay is very ahead in terms of customer service, they care about their customers. Afterpay is ready to serve customers in all situations. In addition to general users, they have separately maintained Afterpay merchant customer service. If you want to receive merchant customer service, you can receive service through phone number or email from here. The service number is being highlighted.

Afterpay Merchant / Business Support
Country / Line Phone Number Hours
USA 855 289 5766 07:00-16:00 (PST)
Canada 1 833 386 0453 07:00-16:00 (PST)

Contact Technical Support

If you need help with Afterpay on your website, you can contact our Technical Support team.

Common Requests for the Afterpay Technical Support Team include:

  • Requesting help setting up Afterpay on your site
  • How to change your site theme or platform, and keep Afterpay
  • Accessing the Afterpay Sandbox environment
  • Lost Secret Key/ Credentials
  • Questions about API

Contact Afterpay Merchant Team

If you need any other help, email and our Afterpay Merchant team can assist.

Common Requests for the Afterpay Merchant Support Team include:

  • Changing the bank account where your settlements are paid into
  • Adding more users to your Afterpay account
  • Changing/ adding contact details for your customer service team

Afterpay new phone number 24 7

Those who searched online for new phone numbers must have benefited from our discussion. The numbers that Afterpay Limited has kept for their customer service chief are the numbers that we have discussed above. So if you want to contact the Afterpay customer service representative about your problem then you can contact the number in the article and hopefully, they will provide the right solution to your problem.

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