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Amazon is currently a very popular e-commerce website. Amazon’s popularity is high. Has been providing online services with trust for a long time. Amazon’s user base is gradually increasing. In today’s discussion, we have brought you an article related to Amazon which will benefit all the people who buy various products from Amazon. Our discussion is able to assist you if you are purchasing the items you need from Amazon.

Almost all the required items can be purchased from this Amazon. From mobile phones to computers to home goods, you can choose Amazon to buy almost all kinds of essentials online. Many people have been scammed by purchasing various products from Amazon. Many people are complaining about Amazon’s customer service number and today’s article is to help all these people by providing contact numbers to contact them. Get an Amazon customer service number from our article you can contact the number anytime to solve your problem.

Amazon 24 7 Customer Service Number

Amazon has been serving us for a long time. We are getting the necessary products at home. There are also various offers ranging from cashback offers with discount offers at various times to purchase at much-reduced prices. Amazon has gained popularity through all these offers. Many people are interested to know about Amazon customer service-related issues. There are many people who are in various problems and have to accept Amazon customer service for this purpose by searching customer service numbers in our article they will surely benefit from collecting customer service numbers. The customer service number listed in our article is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You have the opportunity to receive the service at any time for your convenience.

Amazon Phone Numbers

Toll-Free Number:

  • (888) 280-4331
    USA and Canada

Customer Service:

  • (877) 375-9365
    Amazon Alexa (In the US)
  • (206) 922-0197
    Amazon Alexa (Outside the US)
  • (833) 674-7268
    Amazon Business American Express Card (American Express)
    • (866) 216-1075
      Amazon Payments, Inc.
    • (888) 247-4080
      Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card (Chase Bank)
    • (800) 346-5538 Business Rewards Visa Card (Chase Bank)
    • (866) 634-8380 Corporate Revolving Credit (Synchrony Bank)
    • (866) 634-8379 Store Card (Synchrony Bank)
    • (206) 922-0880
    • (866) 634-8381
      Pay-In-Full Credit Line (Synchrony Bank)
    • (800) 372-8066
    • +44 800 279 7234

    Investors/ Franchising:

    • (800) 522-6645
      Transfer Agent


    • (206) 266-4064
      Copyright Infringement Inquiries

Amazon customer service email

There are many customers who prefer receiving service through email as opposed to receiving service through mobile numbers. In this case, many searches for email online to get customer service through chat or mail. We have reached out to Amazon’s customer service email for their assistance. So if you want to mention your problem through email then stay connected with this article of ours hope you can get a solution to your problem very soon I have provided the customer service phone number in the above discussion where email is mentioned.

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