Amex Walmart Offer| The Amex Platinum Card – How To Use the $155 Walmart+ Credit [2024]

Welcome to our website. Hope you come across our article and gather all the information you need from the complete article. Our website is managed to inform you about all current offers with the necessary information so you can stay connected with our website today we will talk about a popular online shopping website from where you can buy your favorite products very easily. We are talking about the Walmart e-commerce website where it is possible to purchase various products at affordable prices and also offers various discount offers at different times.

Currently, this website is offering an offer that is really special for us. The complete idea of how to accept this interesting offer will be provided through this article, so learn more information about Amex Walmart offers from us and accept the offers. We hope you will benefit from this. This website has membership offers along with site-up offers. We also aim to provide discount offers from time to time. We offer attractive offers on all aspects of Walmart.

Amex Walmart Offer

Many people do not know about the subject of this offer, or how to accept this offer, we have all the detailed information in this article. So stay with the full article and confirm the information regarding the offer. In the case of online shopping, it is possible to save a lot by shopping by accepting offers, many people do this and to know about Oper related issues regularly, you have to visit our website. So stay with us and know about the updated information about the offer, we are providing the necessary information about the offer below.

You must use a Platinum Card to avail of this offer. So those of you who want to use this function can pay for it as a monthly Walmart+ member. In this case, all the detailed information about how it works is presented below. Hope you will be sure about the offer by knowing the information mentioned below.

Use your Platinum Card to pay for a monthly Walmart+ membership and get the full cost back each month.

How It Works

  1. Select the “Get Started with Walmart+” button below or click here.
  2. To receive up to $12.95 plus applicable taxes per month in statement credits, sign up for a monthly Walmart+ membership and use any Card on the Platinum Card Account as the form of payment. Card Members with an existing monthly Walmart+ membership need to log into their account and update their payment method to a Card on the Platinum Card Account.
  3. Annual Walmart+ memberships are not eligible for this benefit. Card Members with an annual Walmart+ membership must change their plan to the monthly membership option prior to their current annual membership renewal date and use a Card on the Platinum Card Account as the payment method, to receive this benefit.
  4. Plus Up Benefits are not eligible.
  5. The Basic Card Member will receive up to $12.95 plus applicable taxes in statement credits per month when they or Additional Card Members on their Account pay for a monthly Walmart+ membership with their Card. However, statement credits will only be provided for a total of $12.95 plus applicable taxes per month, per Card Account.
  6. Statement credits are typically received within a few days, but may take up to 6-8 weeks after a monthly Walmart+ membership fee is charged to the Card Account.

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